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For explanations about this site, see below.

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Some of the documents referenced here might be in German, only useful for me, or might not even exist.

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What is a home page?

This is a home page. Quite some time ago, the "home page" was what the browser displayed after being started (this is nowadays called the "start page", people who follow the latest trends more closely than I am tell me). People used to have their favorite links on that page to be able to access the web in a comfortable, speedy way. Over time, the meaning of the term "home page" has changed so that a "home page" today is a colorful, blinking, eye catching, and sometimes annoying ad. What people used to have as a "home page" has been replaced by the browser's bookmark feature to make new browser windows available for so-called "portal sites". Some ISPs even redirect their customers' first web access to their own portal.

What is this home page?

This home page hopefully (and purposefully!) looks as it would have looked like ten years ago. It is mainly made for my personal use because I believe that maintaining a set of bookmarks on each browser on each machine I use is too tedious a task. So, I decided to go back to the good old days and put my bookmarks on my home page.

I plan to include more information on this site soon. However, since I consider dead links or "work in progress / construction site" logos almost as annoying as JavaScript, there won't be any links to non-existing pages. To aid you in finding the places where I plan to add information, I have marked up some words in emphasized. Whenever you find emphasized text on this web site, I plan to replace it with a link RSN.

If you want the information that you may be looking for on my home page - information about me, you might want to check my CV (in German). I plan to add less formal information about me RSN.

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Been forwarded here from http://www.marc-haber.de/?

marc-haber.de is my only other domain which is being used for "serious" e-mail service. There used to be a non-homepage, and I have reproduced all "content" that was there here (in German).

Why is this site in English?

IMHO English is a much better language to get information through to a lot of people. English is understood by many more people than German, and German people who have difficulties understanding English should put some effort into improving their command of the English language anyway. Helge Oldach makes a much better point about this - and he voices his opinion in German, too.

Why zugschlus.de?

Zugschlus is my IRC nickname. Since I am kind of a railroad addict I found it appropriate to choose my nick from that subject. On a particularly wonderful January night in a dark coach on a regional train between St. Georgen and Triberg, I looked outside at the black forest dusted with snow and saw another train passing us. Last thing I saw of that train was its tail signal, in Germany called Zugschluss (Signal Zg2 in the terminology used by German railroad people). Truncated to IRCnet's nine character limit, I made this my IRC nickname and eventually decided to use this as domain name for web and mail services as well. No, the background image does not show that regional train's tail lights. See the Credits for an explanation of the background image.

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